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Tutoring Waiheke provides support in English and math to primary and secondary students. Tutoring  is specifically tailored to individual needs.  Learning is based on assessment, ensuring  students are placed at the appropriate level and then up skilled to their year level or beyond. An individual education plan, based on a free assessment as well as child’s learning needs, can focus on exactly what your child needs. If you suspect your child is Dyslexic we can screen for the that as well. We provide extension for advanced students who just love learning. We offer coaching for the now compulsory Literacy and Numeracy standards, NCEA CAAs.


Free assessment to establish your child’s current abilities in maths, spelling, reading and writing.

Dyslexia screening to establish the likelihood of dyslexia.

Preparation for the Common Assessment Activities in Literacy and Numeracy. All students now need to pass these CAAs by Year 13 to attain NCEA.


Maths:  Number, Numeracy,  basic math, times tables, geometry, algebra statistics, measuring.


English: Reading, spelling and rules,  phonemics, writing, comprehension, grammar.


Overseas students: familiarising with the NZ curriculum, vocabulary development.


Tutoring Waiheke covers all curriculum topics students are expected to learn in the N.Z. school system. We cover reading, spelling phonemics, comprehension writing.


Dyslexia support: phonenic awareness in spelling and reading, screening for eye and auditory issues.


Language games: some sites to check out, support you child learning with a bit of fun. 5 minutes a day on a spelling, grammar, reading game would be amazing.


Tutoring Waiheke covers all curriculum topics students are expected to learn in the N.Z. school system. We cover Numeracy, Algebra, Geometry, Measure, Statistics, tables.

Primary students are coached in the NZ Numeracy program giving them skills to learn new concepts and become more engaged in class activities. Each week your child will do tables, a math concept, reinforcement of past learning and either geometry, measure, statistics, algebra, fractions, decimals, problem solving and a game.

For high school students we try to keep in time with school schedule enabling students to keep up with the current topics and concepts they are learning in class. 

Coaching for CAAs, the compulsory NCEA in Literacy and Numeracy.

Tutoring Waiheke also caters for students who wish to excel in math, who want to be challenged or just love math. We can extend as far as they desire to go.

I consider times tables very important so we do times tables every week. But tables are tedious, so we use games as well.

Check out the sites below, support you child’s learning with a bit of fun. 5 minutes a day on a X tables game would be amazing!


At Tutoring Waiheke we follow the New Zealand Curriculum.  Tutoring is an intensive intervention, consisting of new learning, reinforcement of  learning from previous weeks and the school classroom. The one hour 10 minute weekly sessions consist of one to one with teacher, activities on computer and worksheets, ensure  your child remains engaged and motivated. (We also eat cookies and have some fun!).

Learning is greatly improved in friendly safe places. The small group allows for individual learning preferences and styles to be catered for, shy students to be heard, distracted students to focus. It is also easier to learn the use of support tools such as speech to word. Students gain confidence and motivation as they progress through to success.  


Maths and English Tutoring - Primary and Secondary - Free Assessment
Dyslexia Screening - CAAs coaching in Literacy & Numeracy

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